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Friday, December 28, 2012

Next projects

I have to gather up the pictures from the Christmas presents that were made and given, so that will take a bit of time.

What did I get for Christmas? Amon other things, TWO gift certificates for local quilt shops: Creative Sisters in Kitchener and Triangle Sewing in Guelph!!! Yippee!! The first one was disposed on this morning at creative sisters in their monthly Full Moon Frenzy sale with bone pre inventory sale...good deals all over the place.

The picture below was the outcome if that trip- I LOVE these colours! The colour consultant (also know as husband) assisted. This selection is for Log Cabin quilt for a girlfriend, who asked for burnt orange, earthy greens and browns, and blue the colour of Lake Huron. Good description to work with!!

I worked on the Mandala all day yesterday, and almost have all the sections sewn up, and then I need to join them together. Picture below of the last set of 8 that I'm working on.

So off to a busy start for this year! 4 quilts already planned between now and August, not counting figuring out what to do with the mandala, and of course other mandalas...not to mention the backlog of 3 baby quilts...

What's your adventure for today?

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Lenore said...

Liz, you are an inspiration! My adventure for today: put in a good chunk of time on my editing project (a book about Catherine of Siena). Am currently sitting across from husband in the Drumroaster Cafe (Cobble Hill, BC), both of us with our laptops fired up, our minds focused--ready, set...