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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Singer touch and sew

I picked up this sewing machine about 10 years ago at an auction sale near our cottage. $20 bucks. All it needed was a spool holder, and I ordered one of those online from a lady in Washington state. When we had the cottage, this was the cottage sewing machine and my Janome was for home. We sold the cottage in 2006, and I haven't looked at this machine since at least then.

I just opened her up today. I'm planning on teaching my step daughter to see. She's a very creative woman, and I know that adding sewing to her skill set will open up new avenues of creativity for her. I also opened the machine up because my Janome is in for it's first servicing ever (after about 8 years) and I feel lonely without it.

I took the top off, dusted the machine a bit, rethreaded it...and out came this beautiful line of stitching. I played with the stitch length a bit-that's all I touched.

This baby is circa 1970. I don't think I service it when I got it, and I have only use it for straight stitching. It has all of the stitch plates and throat plates and feet. It even has a no-remove bobbin wonder! Which means you wind the bobbin in the bobbin case.

So I'm excited to be using this machine to teach JB how to sew. It will be nice to see it going to a good home!!!

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