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Friday, August 10, 2012

Finishing the Joy Quilt (almost)

So i've put a big push on the Joy Quilt. I ended up going out to Victoria to help my mom out after some surgery. Victoria, B.C. also happens to be the home of the sister that got married last year, for whom the Joy Quilt is intended. So the quilt came out with me, and it ain't going home. i've changed the quilting approach a few times, and various attempts have come out. the trick is the block design on the front (5 inch squares) and random appliqued hearts on the back...and 2 pieced blocks on the back. How best to quilt it? so i enlisted my recovering mother to help me work through the quilting design and approach...and also to help me do the work!  we're coming along - but i'm not sure i'll get the binding on before i leave. it's all ready to go (cut and joined and measured), but the days are running out....and i need some good pictures!! stay tuned...

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