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Sunday, April 17, 2011's been a few months

So a quick check in. The list of projects is growing, with little progress.

Christie sent a comment in in March - Christie, I don't have your email address. The Tulip Quilt is from a book called "Tulip Quilt", from The Quilt in a Day series. It's by Eleanor Burns, published in March 1991. Publisher: Quilt in a Day!

I gotta tell you, it took more than a day...

OK, projects on the go...
1. finishing up the sample quilt (hand quilting)
2. new baby quilt for Norah! (at some point)
3. pillows from scraps
4. completion of Listen test square
5. keep on planning the Peace Quilt. I think i have designs for all 9 squares. I have the designs for the corner spirals. There is a lot of prework for this quilt - i have to learn how to do the spirals, so there will be a number of tests. I need to learn how to do the applique required for the other other character block. And so on...the design for this quilt will be a whole 'nother blog.
6. gift quilt...more on this later, it's a bit of a surprise!

enough for now...time for some homework.

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