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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

learning by doing things the wrong way

Took a evening long introduction to machine quilting class this past Monday, courtesy of KW Sewing Machines. Wendy Lamb was the gracious and informative instructor. I started making a list of all the things I did wrong on Sunday on the Pond Friend's quilt for Garret...a few of them:
1. using the same colour thread in the bobbin as the top thread...which means the backing has all sorts of different coloured lines on it. I'm not done yet, so I can save the rest of it by using a nice dark green all across the back.
2. in using walking foot, I REVERSED to tie down the threads...I did pull up the bobbin thread to start, but still reversed at the start AND the end. I will now take the time and have the patience to do this right, and use a needle to hide the threads into the sandwich. whoops. Ah, Garrett won't notice...
3. in the appliques of the animals, I fused them on to the top, and then satin stitched them on the top..and then when quilting, did a "stitch in the ditch" thing around the satin time I will fuse them and then do a nice decorative stitch to secure them when the quilt is sandwiched!!
so that's just a few. Going to go back now and work on the remaining quilting, and try to get some pix up this weekend. Have lot's of ideas for quilting Emma J's quilt now!

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